BeFem Mission

BeFem is a feminist cultural center that, ever since 2009, through programs of media production and creating new media policies, education, networking and festival contents, has been re-examining and promoting feminist politics, culture and art, as well as empowering, motivating and activating new generations of feminists, and stimulating exchange and cooperation at local, regional, and international level.

We do not speak on behalf of other women, but stand for creating free spaces for different female voices and politics!


BeFem Vision

“A solidary, equal and non-violent society in which every person can be what they are, make life choices without fear or condemnation and feel empowered to drive change. “


Our Programs

Through our programs that create innovative communication strategies we are trying to change media practices of gender production. Our work is intended to raise the visibility of women in media, and to influence designers of media policies. Distribution of power in the society is reflected upon public and media space, and, therefore, designers of policies should bear the responsibility for gender equality and women’s rights. For years already, BeFem has been developing media programs which analyze how women and marginalized groups have been included and excluded from the “media order” and “technology”. Our programs influence the position of women within online and offline environments, their identities, representational practices and discourses that media use when representing or commenting women: as well as the stereotypes about women, more or less implicit, that persist and keep reappearing.