biro jednakost

The Bureau for Equality

During September 2017 BeFem initiated the Bureau for Equality (Biro Jednakost in Serbian). Within this initiative we have, in cooperation with our Facebook followers, collected the names of women experts in different areas - areas where men dominate in the media coverage. In this way we wanted to contribute to a change of the misrepresentation in media.

The Bureau for Equality is inspired by the Swedish initiative Equalisters (Rättviseförmedlingen in Swedish), a social media network of more than 90 000 people who contribute to better representation of those categories that are less present today - in media, panel discussions, at music festivals and so on.

Since those who can be heard and seen in media almost always are men - no matter the topic - we want to offer a concrete tool for a more diverse reporting, where different voices can be heard. We are tired of listening to excuses such as “we couldn’t find any women experts to talk on this theme”. Our lists with women experts prove the opposite!

Below you can find lists of excellent experts in areas such as education, security, sports, culture - and we will continue to add new lists as we collect the names - in collaboration with thousands of social media users! Below you can also find a small guide on how to work on a more diverse media reporting.

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